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Goldman Investments is at the forefront of the PropTech revolution, changing the face of multifamily real-estate through agile, future-forward technology.
After decades of on-the-ground experience in multifamily properties, we understand that to address nationally sky-high turnover rates, the industry has to adapt to the service needs of its tenants.

That's why we created an in-house proprietary management tool, ​C2 Communities​, as a one-stop-shop platform connecting all stakeholders in the ecosystem of residential multifamily properties.
The C2 Communities platform removes the typical barriers experienced between tenants, management, and landlords to create seamless communication and provide better service.

By tapping into cutting-edge smart technology, we're transforming multifamily real estate into an efficient, cost-saving, and tenant-centric experience.

Introducing C²

Our exclusive C² Communities technology combined with strategic partnerships with InsureTech and Internet of Things companies successfully lowers turnover rates and increases tenant satisfaction.
In a Goldman Investment property, IoT devices like control hubs, smart locks, video surveillance, smart thermostats, and LED lighting all work together to create a highly efficient network to automate, monitor, and optimize each facet of the property unit.


Through this, our technology significantly increases our properties' NOI, both by growing the property collections and by decreasing operational costs, allowing us to:

  • Reduce number of management staff at the property

  • Reduce tenants turnover

  • Lower maintenance and energy costs

  • Increase tenant's share of wallet

  • Insure tenant's payments

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