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Investment Strategy

Goldman Investments strategically acquires properties with strong operating history across multifamily market cycles.
Our investment criteria are simple yet targeted: assets must either present an opportunity for significant growth or provide a stabilized cash-flow and immediate yield benefit.
Across all our investments, we use our unfair advantage of exclusive in-house technologies to add value and maximize profits.

Stabilized Assets

Our core investments offer a predictable and low-risk investment option, with minimal to zero capital expenses and 90% existing occupancy. These stabilized investments generate outstanding returns and are further enhanced by our PropTech solutions to increase tenant satisfaction and decrease operational costs.


Value Added Assets

Our value-add multifamily real estate investments target distressed or mismanaged properties that have in-place cash flow but seek to increase returns over time through development and repositioning. Renovations, improved management, added services, and financing add critical value to our investments, enabling us to generate attractive capital returns and increase property valuations.

A risk-averse yet balanced, conservative underwriting approach allows us to identify investments in highly desirable locations that generate outstanding risk-adjusted returns, stabilized income, and opportunity for capital appreciation in growing markets. Whether via core acquisition or operational value-add, our commitment and expertise in infusing productive technology across high-quality properties is the cornerstone of Goldman Investments.

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