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Michael Daniels

Special Advisor

Michael Daniels

Michael Daniels is Chief Operating Officer for Goldman Investments.
Mr. Daniels has been with Cagan since 1984 and currently supervises the Management Division of GI. Mr. Daniels has expertise in the management of commercial and residential properties consisting of, but not limited to, rental and leasing of multifamily and mixed use buildings. He is accomplished in the management of high-rise, low-rise, and walk up properties.

He has overseen the rehab of thousands of units.
Michael is often called upon by industry leaders to share his expertise in the field through trade shows, seminars and published articles.

Michael Daniels is a hands-on professional who is available to meet with clients and employees at any time to discuss their needs. Michael earned his B.A. in Accounting from the University of Illinois and enjoys all outdoor activities, especially ice hockey, biking and downhill skiing.

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