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Goldman Investments is an industry leader in privately-held vertically integrated commercial real estate investments. Located in Chicago, Illinois and all major cities in Texas, we have over a decade of experience and success in the acquisition, development, management and financing of multifamily properties across the U.S and the U.K.

we acquire multifamily assets.
we value add through technology.

Our proprietary PropTech technology combined with exceptional brick and mortar services deliver increased NOI, every time.


Our conservative underwriting approach identifies investments that generate outstanding risk-adjusted returns, stabilized income, and provide ongoing opportunities for capital appreciation in growing markets.

What is Proptech?

Property Technology (PropTech) uses digital innovation to address the needs of the real estate industry and facilitate higher efficiencies for investors, property owners, and tenants alike.

Technology Our Unique

Whether through IoT hardware like smart locks and thermostats, or fully integrated online services; our game-changing technology assists, guides and enhances every aspect of the residency experience.


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2201 Market St, Galveston, TX 77550, USA

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